Anonymous asked:

I reside in the 'comfort zone' i don't know if you've heard of the country Complacency... Perhaps you've visited... I guess it's better than the 'friend zone'... Jet lag is a bitch... A muse, hmm, I feel like perhaps I've mislead you on a ruse but I do enjoy our give and take. (I meant our schedules this week)

Hmm, interesting places. I’ve never been. Perhaps, someday. I think a muse is appropriate considering the effect a series of thoughtful questions can have. Though, I’m perfectly happy to call you whatever you’d like me to. :)

Anonymous asked:

The whole colour spectrum...

I’ll just do the ones I have not done yet. 

Blue:9 facts about my family

  1. My sister lives in New England
  2. My mother has a strong accent
  3. My sister is a dog behaviorist
  4. You could have a small naval battle in my mother’s bathtub
  5. We have two pugs and they’re ridiculous
  6. My sister and I have a tradition of driving around while singing A*Teens songs at the top of our lungs 
  7. My Dad was at every sporting event ever except my college tennis matches after he died
  8. At one time we all owned the same make of car in the same color
  9. My sister went to college in Alberta

Green:8 facts about my body

  1. I have five tattoos
  2. My hair grows really fast
  3. My feet are rather large for my height
  4. I have carpel tunnel from work
  5. There is a large scar on my leg from a riding accident
  6. My eyes are a deceptive color
  7. I have a freckle on the tip of my nose
  8. There is a raised calcified spot on the frontal bone of my skull from a sports accident

Yellow:7 facts about my childhood

  1. I got my first horse at age six
  2. I had a cat called Wompass Jr.
  3. I liked to play in my Dad’s shop
  4. I played an awful lot of sports
  5. I was once attacked by a goose
  6. I have dreams about my childhood home all the time
  7. I had blonde hair as a child

Orange:6 facts about my home town

  1. It’s small
  2. There is a restaurant in the shape of an orange there
  3. It’s close to a military installation 
  4. It is thirty minutes south of the capital 
  5. The library is so tiny and adorable
  6. There is a big park along the river that was really nice for picnics 

Red:5 facts about my best friend

  1. She has a degree in theater
  2. She works for a charity
  3. She has far too many shoes
  4. She’s an excellent organizer
  5. She makes brilliant baked goods

Pink:4 facts about my parents

  1. They started dating when my mother was 16 and my father was 25
  2. They were complete opposites
  3. My dad could pull off aviators like no body’s business
  4. My mother is blonde and tiny (Why didn’t I get those genes?)

White:3 facts about my personality

  1. I’m laid back 
  2. I can be prone to horrid jokes
  3. My maturity level depends on the time of day

Black:1 fact about the person I like

  1. I don’t know them yet. 

Anonymous asked:

Alas, it would seem as though our time zones/schedules are out of sync... Au contraire my dear you have more information than you think if you look back in your archives... As we have actually intermittently interacted quite often under different pseudonyms... I hope you enjoy your much needed break form your hectic new position and come back rejuvenated and refreshed ready to face the challenges life has to offer;)

And what, pray tell, is your time zone, dear… Calliope? Yes, that’s what I’ll call you since you inspire me to epically poetic standards. Hmm, I’ve recognised your distinctive style for some time but do not remember any distinctive information given. I’ll have to look back. Have you always been anonymous? Thank you for your well wishes. I think I’ll want to slow down time for the next few days. I hope your weekend brings you joy. ;)

Anonymous asked:

purple and grey!!!!

I have a large painting of a girl that was done by a dearly departed friend above my bed,

I have vine covered sheets

I have a pug throw over the back of my arm chair

My bookcase doth overflow

One of my walls is devoted to art of winter trees

I could fit my bed in my closet and just live in there

There is a whole shelf on my case dedicated to lesbian films

I keep notebooks and pens everywhere just in case

There are cat figurines on just about every surface

I have eight pillows on my bed that I sleep with


My book collection is not nearly where I want it to be… Yet

My cat likes to perch herself on my shoulder like a parrot

Thanks, anon!

  • Purple: 10 facts about my room
  • Blue: 9 facts about my family
  • Green: 8 facts about my body
  • Yellow: 7 facts about my childhood
  • Orange: 6 facts about my home town
  • Red: 5 facts about my best friend
  • Pink: 4 facts about my parents
  • White: 3 facts about my personality
  • Grey: 2 facts about my favorite things
  • Black: 1 fact about the person I like